Magazine Clippings

Rico Rodriguez — Suave special agent extraordinare. Also known as the main character of the Just Cause franchise.

I’ve worked and reworked this character so many times, but it’s always been fun working on him. I’ve saved lots of scans and clips over the last year or so, mostly magazine covers and the like. Here are a just a couple of the ones I’ve collected.

Some magazine covers featuring Rico.

This one is probarbly my favorite interpretation of Rico so far (featured in the september issue of play magazine).

Cool cover art featuring Rico.

A couple of renders

Did some more sculpting on Vorenus last night, since I finally seem to have got over the cold that plagued me this week.

Did a render-test in Zbrush 2.0 which worked out fine, I’ve decided to make a render of the whole bust next week, as soon as Zbrush 3.0 is released (yay for sub-tools and the new perspective camera).

Vorenus - highpoly rendered in Zbrush 2Vorenus - highpoly rendered in Zbrush 2