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Yesterday I stumbled across this very sweet software from Bunkspeed called HyperShot. It’s described as

“[…] an all new generation software renderer, that allows anyone within minutes, to create photographic realism with their model. Think of it like a new type of camera, an all software camera. Import all the popular model formats, drag and drop accurate materials, choose your environment and you have a photo of your digital model.”

I downloaded the trial and tried it out with very nice results, it’s definitely something to get hold of if you have a need to be able to quickly and efficiently render your models in a favorable environment.

Dare Devil, hypershot

Bad blogger, no cookie

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It’s been a while since I did my last update here. Since then I’ve moved back to Sweden from the UK, started work for Starbreeze Studios in Uppsala and bought a new apartment close to work.

I thoroughly enjoyed working for Rebellion in the UK, even though I had my gripes with living in Derby which led to me moving to Nottingham. My main responsibility at Reb was doing character work for their title Shellshock 2: Blood Trails.

I really enjoy life at Starbreeze and feel like I’ve made a lot of new friends already. It’s also very nice to be closer to my old friends in Stockholm and to my family. I’ve been so busy creating content for the cool project I’m on that I’ve not been feeling the urge or need to create stuff in my spare time.

From now on I will do my best to be a good blogger and post more regular updates. I will also try to find some time to do more of my own 3D stuff so I have something to post here.

Until next time,


Gameartisans.org: Comicon challenge entry

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update: Here is my first pass on the model in zbrush


Some very rough conceptualizing, trying to get a feel for the character:



I was talked into having a go at this challenge by a friend of mine, so here’s my take on Daredevil. I will start modelling him tomorrow and hopefully I will make it in time for the deadline, unless moving takes up to much of my time. It was quite a while since I last did any kind of digital painting that isn’t texture work, so I greatly enjoyed sketching this.