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BRAWL Tournament

My final submission to the Polycount BRAWL Tournament, the objective was to re-imagine a character from a fighting game. I chose to create my own take on Potemkin, from the game Guilty Gear.

Anatomy study

Just fooling around in Mudbox 2010 after work, I have almost completely switched from using Zbrush for professional work.

Al Swearengen

I think maybe I’ve been watching a bit too much Deadwood lately. I did this sculpt on a whim this afternoon, without much reference. Hopefully some of the likeness still came across.

Robert – Highres head WIP

Just another personal project, this time loosely based on a man from Pretty happy with the texture for the head now, so when I work on him next I’ll do some bits of clothing/equipment (suggestions would be cool). Modelled, sculpted and rendered in Zbrush 3. I will however try not to work on him […]

Dominance War first sculpting session

Ok, I’ve gotten the head/face pretty close to where I want it. Think of this only as a rough gesture however, as I still need to add in the horns etc. The dreads will have their own geometry eventually.

Chavant modelling clay

I ordered some clay from the Alec Tiranti website last week and got it yesterday, so I’ve just tried my hand at modelling with Chavant NSP (Non Sulfurated Plasteline). I’ve tried chavant NSP before, but not the Hard variant. I can only say that I’m very pleased with it’s performance, it’s simply great to work […]