BRAWL Tournament

My final submission to the Polycount BRAWL Tournament, the objective was to re-imagine a character from a fighting game. I chose to create my own take on Potemkin, from the game Guilty Gear.

A massive slave-soldier of Zepp, a floating continent controlled by a military dictatorship, Potemkin was forced into the first tournament by his superiors. However, during the tournament, the government of Zepp was overthrown in a revolt led by Gabriel, his mentor. Once Gabriel was made president of Zepp, Potemkin pledged his loyalty to the new government as a special agent.

Potemkin likes to draw, but is so strong he can put four tons of pressure on a pencil with only his fingers. In his free time, he works at a bakery, known by his customers not as a killer, but instead, a gentle baker.


Construction Shot

Texture layout


COMP Image:…comp_image.png

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