6 thoughts on “Adventurer

  1. Haha, nice job there, posting this blog entry while I was pressing “submit” on my previous comment 😛

    The larger bags in the front do fit a lot better than what you had before, with one of the smaller leg ones there. There’s something a bit almost sporty about this guy. Like some kind of cross between an extreme sports adventure climber guy, and a futuristic Indiana Jones.

  2. Thanks man! I really am a terrible blogger.. I should have written a post about me moving to the UK and starting a new job long ago but never got around to it.

    Oh well, I’ll do a write-up on it soon enough.

    But other than that, my posting timing seems to be quite good! 😉

    Nice that the sporty feel is coming across, it’s quite interesting what sort of associations people get from a look at this guy.

    Actually, all the meshes so far have been built straight from the ground up using Zbrush and my new base man (which was also built in Zbrush). The retopo-tools are truely awesome.


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